Wire Forming

We have been a manufacturer of wire baskets and other wire products for well over a century. If you need a product or component made from wire, our team can build it.


Sheet Metal Fabrication

We do more than just wire forming. Kaspar Manufacturing (formerly Kaspar Wire Works) offers a broad range of sheet metal fabrication services.


Finishing Services

We offer high quality finishing services for your product or component. Our dedicated finishing plant is capable of a complete range of finishes including zinc, nickel, chrome, electropolishing, passivation, powder coating and vinyl.


Engineering Services

We provide comprehensive engineering services for our clients. Tell us your idea, and our experienced team of engineers can turn that idea into a 3-D model which will be constructed into your very own one-of-a-kind prototype.


Milling Services

We offer a variety of machining services such as progressive die building, milling, drilling and turning.


Project Quoting

Our team of experienced engineers can provide you with comprehensive manufacturing project quotes in about two business days. Tell us your idea, and we can work out the details.


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since 1898


Our Leadership

Alex Gladkikh


Alex Gladkikh brings extensive executive level experience to his role as Kaspar Manufacturing’s president. Born in the former Soviet Union, Alex has worked and studied throughout Russia and the United States, providing him with a vast global knowledge of manufacturing operations. Since moving to America in 1991, Alex has held leadership positions at a multitude of established manufacturing companies and is equipped with a Master of Science in mechanical engineering, MBA, MPM and a plethora of upper-level certifications. Alex is implementing his industry expertise to enhance productions and the customer experience at Kaspar Manufacturing.

Clarence Wenske

Supervisor, Wire

Clarence Wenske joined the Kaspar Manufacturing jig department in 1975, where he advanced into the jig supervisor position after three years of hard work. A big believer in earning the respect of his peers, Clarence promotes a positive environment using his skills in planning and math as the supervisor of wire, a position he has held since his promotion in 1985.

Debbie Pustka

Supervisor, Electroplating

Debbie Pustka was working in the Shiner feed store when she was approached by Kaspar Companies to join the Sho-Rack newspaper mechanisms department in 1986. After seven years, Debbie moved to the quality control position in the Kaspar Wire Works’ plating department. Organized and fair, Debbie excels in her current position as the electroplating supervisor.

Gary Williamson

Sales Director

Graduating from Southwest Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in math, Gary Williamson worked with SEMATECH for 13 years, coding and creating new programs to enhance computer efficiency for a consortium of companies, including IBM, AT&T, Texas Instruments and Intel. Owning and operating Weatherall for 13 years, Gary played every position within his company, including maintenance, sales and engineering, until Kaspar Companies came to acquire it in 2014. Gary was invited to come to Kaspar Companies with the Weatherall product line, and from that point on, the problem-solving positive attitude of this people person would lead him to a position as Kaspar Manufacturing’s sales director.

Ralph Ullmann

Supervisor, Wire Sheet Metal

After serving in Vietnam from 1968 to 1971 with the U.S. Navy, Ralph Ullmann came to Kaspar Companies' shipping department to assemble racks. His mastery of mechanics advanced him into a position over research development, where he stayed until becoming a manager of sheet metal and welding. His excellence in ensuring that all processes are carried out properly is one of the reasons he now holds the wire sheet metal supervisor position.

Jack Wooley

Supervisor, Die and Tool

Graduating with an industrial design degree from Texas State Technical College, Jack Wooley enrolled in the Navy and spent four years in the machine shop on an aircraft carrier. Leaving the Navy in August 1972, Jack worked three years as a tool designer for Fredrick Air Conditioners before coming to Kaspar Companies. Jack, an expert craftsman, is the supervisor of the die and tool department.

Anne Wenske

Supply Chain Manager

Ann Wenske’s nearly 24 years of employment at Kaspar Manufacturing have exposed her to the many different facets of the manufacturing business, whether on the factory floor or in the corporate office. Her extensive knowledge and capability, as well as her success in previous positions such as production planning and information technology, have prepared her to excel in the role of Supply Chain Manager. In this current role, she is responsible for managing production control and inventory, while also presiding over shipping, purchasing and receiving for Kaspar Manufacturing. She has been married 21 years, has two children and loves to travel.

John Kovalcik

Supervisor of Die and Tool

John Kovalcik has worked at Kaspar Manufacturing for more than 40 years. Starting at the Sho-Rack welding division in 1976, John has worked his way up in the company, supervising the jig department in the ‘90s and becoming the Supervisor of Die and Tool in 2015. He has always appreciated the versatility offered in his positions due to the wide array of projects Kaspar Manufacturing develops. From weld frames and wire lengths to building new samples for the factory, there is always a new and different project to tackle. When he’s not supervising for Kaspar Manufacturing, he enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his grandchildren.

Pat Benes

Supervisor of Quotes and Engineering

While Pat Benes probably could have made it as a comedian, the folks at Kaspar Manufacturing are pleased that he instead took a job on the Sho-Rack division’s production lines back in 1980. From there, he has held numerous positions at Kaspar Manufacturing, where his attention to detail and problem-solving attitude have cultivated customer’s ideas to fruition. He was raised to believe in an honest day’s work and has loyally proven this belief through his strong work ethic. When asked what he loves, Pat will top the list with his wife of 30 years, his two children and his pickup truck. When not at Kaspar Manufacturing, you’re likely to find him fighting fires as a volunteer for the Shiner Fire Department.

Ronnie Kresta

Supervisor of Quality Assurance

Ronnie Kresta has been with Kaspar Manufacturing since 1977. He started in the shipping department, but has been part of the Quality Control Department since its creation in 1995. Holding titles as Quality Assurance Inspector, Safety and Compliance, Cost Estimating and Inventory Control/Expeditor has well prepared him for his current role as Quality Assurance Supervisor, where he enforces the high standard expected from Kaspar Manufacturing. Yet it could be argued that he might be most proud of his title of “Grandpa.” He enjoys time with friends and family, and his days outside of Kaspar Manufacturing are spent fishing, hunting and working around the house.

Stephen Bindus

Director of Operations

Stephen Bindus joined the Kaspar Manufacturing team as Director of Operations in 2015 after a 20-year career in automotive aftermarket manufacturing. His experience includes a combined 15 years in the Director of Operations role, where his responsibilities involved the management of operations at numerous facilities located in both the United States and Mexico. Prior to his manufacturing profession, Stephen honed his leadership skills in the U.S. Air Force as Crew Chief for the C-5A, which is one of the largest aircrafts in the world. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he continued his education at Southern Illinois University, earning a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology.


Automotive component manufacturer Higuchi executes successful expansion to Texas by utilizing large-volume electroplating capabilities at Kaspar Manufacturing

In 2007, Higuchi Manufacturing Co. built a branch of their Japan-based company in southeast San Antonio. The vehicle component manufacturer’s decision to relocate their production of seatbelt and motorcycle parts to the South Texas city coinc . . .

H-E-B secures steady production of high-quality custom shelving fixtures for supermarket stores by partnering with Kaspar Manufacturing

Founded in 1905, H-E-B began with a family-owned store in the Texas town of Kerrville. Over the next century, the supermarket expanded throughout Texas and northeast Mexico, and today they serve over 150 communities with more than 350 stores. A . . .

National Oilwell Varco relies on Kaspar Manufacturing’s machining capabilities to fabricate essential specialized spool component for mud mixing equipment

WellSite Services is a division of National Oilwell Varco that provides the resources needed to efficiently effectuate and manage every step of the operational life span of a well site, from building the location to handling the logistics. A ne . . .

Kaspar Manufacturing expedites production and distribution of specialized custom newspaper racks to ensure USA Today’s inaugural issue reaches nationwide audience on the morning of launch

Prior to September 15, 1982, Americans were often limited to local news and lengthy news cycles, which deprived them of important information regarding international and domestic events occurring every single day. It was this date in history when t . . .

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